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Company News >> The lack of nutrition from the cat's hair

                                                                         The lack of nutrition from the cat's hair 
Autumn is the season of cats for molt, in this season of hair, Cat fur can reaction cat health. 
Cats with good nutrition have a smooth shiny hair, If the cat hair dry without gloss, hair easily broken off easily, may be a cat appears the problem of malnutrition. In general, not good gastrointestinal function of cat, long hair cat (Persian), single food cat prone to malnutrition and hair loss phenomenon. 

Gastrointestinal function of the cat, it should start from the stomach, the use of a number of conditioning gastrointestinal drugs, gastrointestinal conditioning is good to absorb good nutrition, to ensure the health of the cat hair and body. 
For long hair cat like Persian cat, due to the long hair, normal absorption of nutrition is difficult to achieve maintenance hair. Like human hair length will be prone to fracture, bifurcation, shedding of the imagination. The same is true of the cat hair long, nutrition will appear with no imagination. So be sure to additional use beauty hair nutrition, such as nutrition beauty hair powder, beauty hair oil, beauty hair nutrition containing trace elements can ensure the cat hair health.

For the single food cat, which with the owner's feeding have great relationship, the staple food is not representative of the cat cat food can not eat vegetables, snacks, meat to eat for a long time a cat food will cause nutritional imbalance. Physical basis without solid, expect the cat is healthy shiny hair? 

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