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Company News >> Dog first aid method

 Dog first aid method (Dog cares)
Dogs are most afraid of the situation encountered in the dog when the danger, the first time we do not know how to deal with, fear of dealing with the wrong method will harm the dog body, doing nothing will delay to the dog rescue time.

First, trauma and burns first aid
       1, Trauma causes
       The most common cause of trauma is the dog running to fight with other dogs, left bites or some cuts, usually see the blood on the fur, you can find the bleeding site, when the bleeding place is not obvious, You can touch the hair to find the caking Department.
       2, Trauma first aid method
       Treatment when the first shave, the wound exposed, and then use the gauze to hemostasis, you can use some powder to help stop bleeding, if necessary, tied with a bandage, if there shock and then deal with shock treatment, wound treatment should be promptly sent to hospital emergency medical treatment . Basic dog trauma solution, the owner should know how much.
       3, Burns the reason and processing
       Dogs burned for more than a cause of corrosion is a corrosive liquid, fell into the hot tub, bite wire or frostbite, treatment is to wash away the corrosive liquid with cold water, painted petrolatum and other mineral oil, and then As soon as possible to deal with emergency medical treatment.
       Second, poisoning and car accident first aid
       1, Poisoning causes and symptoms
       Dogs are not many cases of poisoning, but they are not as good as the cat will screen food, and sometimes licked in the hair of harmful substances poisoning, symptoms of acute vomiting, failure, muscle twitching, stiffness, weakness and bleeding and so on.
       2, Poisoning first aid
       Dog poisoning rescue method is that if the hair infection, please wash hair to prevent more harmful substances into the body, immediately contact the nearby dog ​​hospital, if you know what the dog devouring, to bring these things and containers together Veterinary inspection.
       3, Calm response to emergency
       First of all, can not panic, a panic may do anything well, carefully close to the dog with a mild tone and speak to him, and then gently with a rope or belt will he fixed, check heartbeat, breathing, bleeding, wheezing, fracture , Notify the veterinarian and then carefully move.
       4, An important step to tie your mouth
       The reason why the dog will be tied to his mouth because of fear and bite people frightened, the first rope in the middle of a knot, do a cover, then cover the dog's mouth, the last tie tied, End tied to check, to avoid dog breathing difficulties.
       Third, the dog first aid of shock
       1, Dog cause of shock
       Dogs Shock due to seizures, acute infection, heart disease or the weather is too hot not timely to add water to cause heat stroke, diabetes, poisoning, traffic accidents and excessive bleeding and other reasons, are likely to cause dog shock.
       2, Shock several symptoms
       Dogs in the shock, blood pressure will be reduced, the heartbeat and breathing will be fast and weak, and the skin pale and cold, this time the dog needs a quiet insulation, the dog can be wrapped in towels on a hot pad above this Do not let strangers bother him.
       3, Shock treatment
       First check the breathing, if the dog is weak breathing, irregular or stop, we must quickly unlock the collar, digging the dog's mouth, remove the inside of saliva, blood, vomit or other foreign body, do artificial respiration, and then Check the pulse. Be sure to contact the nearby dog ​​hospital.

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