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Company News >> Dogs need a proper amount of calcium

                          Dogs need a proper amount of calcium

Experts often remind that the growth of dogs is also the need for calcium, especially the newly born pups and aging dogs need more calcium, calcium is the most important purpose is to make Juvenile dog skeletal development more intact, the body is longer and stronger, to prevent the dog in advance of the elderly suffering from osteoporosis bone disease. Then how can we know the dog calcium deficiency, pet dogs are calcium deficiency symptoms?

Dogs are calcium deficiency, loss of appetite, the usual love of food can not stimulate its appetite, easy to indigestion, the body will slowly weight loss. The growth rate is slow, the general lack of calcium than the same age dogs do not lack calcium dog shape, tall and small, and the bones are not healthy dog. Dogs are also easy to calcium deficiency and the emergence of legs and feet alike, there will be X, O-shaped leg symptoms. Severe calcium deficiency dogs, when walking will bend, can lead to paralysis of dogs.
Long-term calcium deficiency in dogs is very large, if the dogs have calcium deficiency symptoms, should be timely to the dog calcium, calcium calcium to buy calcium, with the dog to eat more calcium food. If the dog is very serious calcium deficiency, you can go to the pet hospital to play dog ​​calcium supplements.

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