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Company News >> Postpartum Dog's Nursing

 Postpartum Dog's Nursing
After dog's childbirth, its physical condition is very weak and not immediately eat food, this time the owner can provide adequate warm clean drinking water, but after half a day the dog will appear to eat food desire. What does the dog need to do after work to restore the dog's health?

In the first few days of feeding should be "eat less meals," the principle of feeding, generally broth, porridge, milk and other digestible food, postpartum dogs not only need their own nutrition, but also to ensure the secretion of milk, and therefore should be in the number of feeding, nutrition, density and other aspects should be maintained a high level of response.

Generally can be fed 3 to 4 times a day, in addition to the appropriate increase vegetables, but also should feed some meat, liver, broth, eggs and milk. Breastfeeding dogs can be fed with trotters and cooked soup or fresh fish soup (carp soup). Preparation of feed, the daily supply of more than 16.72KJ of energy, pay attention to the proportion of calcium and phosphorus remained at 1.13: 1 ~ 1.2: 1. Appropriate calcium supplement is also very important, you can add high calcium tablets, to prevent some of the symptoms of postpartum calcium deficiency.

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