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Company News >> Care of cats and dogs' skin in Spring and Summer

 Spring and summer, the skin care of cats and dogs
Spring and summer, on cats and dogs' body, the bacteria begin to breed, and dog activity increase in summer,  its keeper are taking the puppy out for a walk, play, etc..
This time the dog is very easy to get fleas, and perhaps other dogs may also play a lawn play, you may go home this afternoon and the dog with his paws on the body to scratch everywhere, then a few days later on the body is red. The people at this time is very anxious, in addition to take the dog to the hospital or a drug commonly used drugs.
The following common sense, and share with you: 
1 To reduce the pet hair removal, first taking few minutes a day for pet grooming, if become your daily habits, pets will feel very comfortable, and willing to be with you every day of the game. Of course, you will be very easy. Every day can be a lot of carding comb dead hair, not only is the fundamental method of hair removal, but also can avoid the hair knot, also played the role of massage, promote blood circulation, enhance skin health, only healthy skin is the key of the hair. Followed by a moderate bath. The correct way to take a bath should be washed in the summer 5-7 days, 7-10 days in winter wash.
2 If you see the cat or the dog hair off repeatedly to give them a bath, it is absolutely wrong, too frequent bathing will destroy the skin tissue, causing even more terrible hair loss. It will also make the skin sensitive and fragile, it is easy to suffer from a variety of skin diseases.
3 Moderate sun, to help the absorption of ultraviolet rays of the pet; the hair a little shorter, can make the pet's skin, hair healthier.

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