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 How to train pets
Guide: Pet dog training is a must. To make them understand how to live in harmony with humans, every dog ​​needs to know. Dogs without strict training always bring trouble to the owner, but many people are right Dog training does not have basic knowledge, especially for first-time dog owners, you need to have relevant knowledge to be able to learn to train. Bouya Pet Toys shares a comprehensive guide to training dogs. After learning, it is easy to master the basics of dog training!
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1.Fixed stool training
    If pet dogs do not have a bowel movement after training, their memory will be primitive behaviors, and they will urinate anywhere. If they do not urinate in places where they eat, drink and live, they need not train. Training dogs to fix their bowel movements is best started with young dogs. Because puppies are 3-4 months old.
    The method is: find a fixed bedpan for your dog, and put old newspapers in it. Generally, after meals, getting up, and sleeping at night, it is the most concentrated period of urine. Dogs pee in the potty, and pet dog trainers give the dog caressing or food rewards. It ’s okay if you do n’t have a bowel movement. Let go of them and find that they squat. After taking a bowel movement, immediately bring them to the potty and let them pee inside. After the bowel movement ends, give them a reward and the dog will gradually develop. The habit of urination in a fixed place. In dog training, you should pay attention to the fact that the potty can't be moved. You must leave an old newspaper in it, so that there is an odor source. Next time the dog will smell and continue to pee inside.
2, Out training
    Dog walking training is very important. First of all, wear a collar, take a walk for the first time, and give it a collar. It is advisable to extend two fingers between the neck and the collar. The correct way to take a dog for a walk is to keep the dog to the left of the owner. Don't run the dog, you should tighten the straps. After a dog is used to it, it will not run around randomly even without a strap.
3.Dining training
    Feeding dogs must be fixed in one place for a certain period of time and provided with fixed utensils. Let the dog learn to eat food only with the permission of the owner. First place the tableware with food in front of the dog, hold down its body, and sit down. If the dog wants to eat immediately without listening to the password, you must immediately pick up the tableware and wait until it takes a slight posture before saying " OK "and let it start eating.
4.Sit down training
    This is a part of training combined with other subjects. After hearing the password, the trained dog is required to make a seated motion quickly and correctly, and to persist for a certain period of time.
    During training, let the dog stand on the left side of the owner, and while issuing the "sit" password, press the dog's waist with his right hand around his neck collar (see picture). When the dog is forced to sit down under this mechanical stimulation, the reward should be given immediately. After repeated training, the dog can develop a sitting action. Based on this, training is combined with gestures. If you want to sit in front, your right forearm will be stretched forward, your forearms will be straight up, and your palms will be in an "L" shape forward. If the dog has been able to do a "sit" action, it should also be gradually trained to extend its sitting time, from being able to sit for 3-5 seconds to more than 5 minutes.
5. Antifeedant training
    Train dogs to eat what their owners give, not what others give. When training, you must first choose someone who is unfamiliar with domestic dogs from time to time. This person feeds the dog with pepper or very bitter food. The dog will feel spicy and uncomfortable after eating, and strangers will refuse to feed.
6, Lying training
    The action of lying down should be performed after the "sit" movement is learned. During training, two methods can be used: one is the owner is on the right side of the dog, facing the dog, holding the food with the right, slowly moving downward from above the dog's mouth, while issuing a password for lying down, and pulling the leash downward To stimulate. At this time, the dog can lie down under food and mechanical stimulation. When the dog is lying down, the dog is rewarded with food in time. In the future, with the formation of conditioned reflexes, the rewards and stimuli will be gradually cancelled. Another method is to let the dog down, the owner should squat, hold the dog's two forelimbs with both hands, stretch forward, and press the dog's shoulder with the left arm. The dog will be trained within a certain distance with hand gestures. Improve his ability to do movements, extend command distance, and be able to lie down for more than 5 minutes according to the owner's password and gestures.
7, standing training
    During the training, the dog was ordered to sit down, then gently pulled the traction belt, and issued the "standing" password and gesture (the right arm extended toward the dog and the palm of the hand upwards). When the dog stood, the dog was rewarded. The owner should gradually leave the dog's side to make the dog stand longer. On this basis, gradually develop the ability to stand by gestures or passwords and continue for a certain period of time.
8.Handshake training
    At the beginning, shout "stretch your hand", then pick up its left front foot with one hand, pick up its right front foot with one hand, and say, "OK, okay," and draw a hand to stroke the dog's throat or Breast, you can also give it food to learn faster. Or coax the dog with bouya pet toys.

Ensuring Quietness: The best place to start training is in a simple and quiet environment, so that the dog can focus on the owner. After training successfully, it can be gradually transformed into a complex environment. For example, if you want to train your dog to "sit down", it's best to be indoors first, and make sure you only have the owner and the dog in the beginning.
Precise password: The password is precise and clear, so that the dog can distinguish between different passwords sent by the owner, and can take corresponding actions under different passwords. In order for the dogs to be able to distinguish, in addition to the passwords in the usual training, the owner should set the passwords shorter, preferably not more than 2 words.
Practice in harmony with your pet!


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