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Company News >> Pet Toy Maintenance

                                                                      Pet(Dog) Toy Maintenance

In order to give our pet/dog a healthy and safe toy in daily life, so we have to clean the toys regularly, especially check the toy if those are still complete. We have to throw away the toys if those are missing parts or have been heavily chewed by our dog. Usually we keep the dog's toys together in same place, so it’s easy for us to check it one by one, and then decide which toy have to be throw away.

Here comes the method of cleaning different material pet toy:
Cleaning rope toys
Soft toys can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so they think of disinfection. A study by the US government found that the household cleaning products of microwave ovens, such as sponges, kill everything from bacteria to yeast. 
Wet the toy and heat it in a microwave for a minute. Microwave power is different, so pay attention to the heating of toys.
When the item is removed, because it may be quite hot to take care of.Secondly, the best option is to use the dishwasher to run your toys in the thermal cycle. This can almost kill bacteria, yeasts and molds, such as microwave.Just clean your rope with hot water and don't get enough if you want to clean them up; the more obvious the water is in the dishwasher cycle.

Cleaning stuffed animals
As with rope toys, these soft toys can harbor all sorts of microbes.
Try throwing these toys in the washing machine when they are dirty.
Some toys survive the washing machine better than others, but if the toy is well made, it should maintain all of its original appeal to your dog after washing.
Similarly, most should also survive the drying process.

 Clean the toys and chews
Any natural products such as rawhide and pig ears can not be washed, the use of the close supervision of the owners should only be. This is to prevent the dog from eating too much or too fast to swallow.

Clean plush toys
Like rope toys, these soft toys can have a variety of micro-organisms.

Throw these toys in the washing machine, when they are dirty.

Some toys are better than other washing machines to survive, but if the toy is good, it should keep its original appeal to your dog after washing.
Similarly, most people should survive in the drying process. 

Your dog's favorite toy doesn't have to throw it into the trash can, it's dirty. Make sure the toy is still safe to play, and then try to clean it. Never use bleach or harsh cleaning agents. If the toy has a dirty smell or after cleaning, it is the time of the trash can.

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